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ACA compliance

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The Affordable Care Act is law and IRS Form 1095-C is due to your employees on January 31st, 2020. How much time will you spend managing the data and preparing the forms? Are you compliant? What will it cost you?

Discover the 1095EZ Online Advantage: a simple, turn-key solution designed to be fully independent and therefore fully compatible with how you do business. Don’t be tied-down to the cumbersome and complicated alternatives — solve your ACA Compliance Reporting needs better, faster, and for less!

NEW for 2018: Have you received and IRS Letter
(such as Notice CP220J or Form 14764/14765)? Did you
miss a prior year and need to file late to satisfy the IRS?
Do you need help fighting an ESRP Penalty?

ACA Compliance Reporting and IRS Form 1095-C Preparation


  • Software Independent

    Regardless of your current payroll/HR/management software – we can work with it.

  • Simple and Turnkey

    Nothing to install, nothing to integrate; a short plan questionnaire and an annual census is all that’s needed for most employers.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Can you use a spreadsheet program? If so, then you can work with our EZ Template.

  • Affordable

    Pay one-time setup and then only once annually for each Form 1095-C; Form 1094-C and part-time employees are included at no charge.

1095-C filing

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The EZ Process

ACA Compliance has never been easier! Our team has mastered the process to make your reporting as EZ as 1-2-3:

  1. Contact us for a quote and to get your copy of the EZ Template, our customized data gathering tool developed for companies like you.
  2. Using this tool, complete some basic information about your employees (name, address, hire date, etc.) and answer some basic questions about your health insurance program (waiting period, premium amount, etc.). For most of you, this will be the same information you already provide during your annual renewal process.
  3. Upload your completed file through our secure portal for processing. Our proprietary software will ensure every return is correct, every time.

Once we’ve processed your file, you’ll receive an email notice that your 1095-C returns (along with the 1094-C Employer Transmittal) are available for download. Just give a copy to each employee and sign/mail the package to the IRS… and you’re finished! It’s just that EZ.

General Pricing Outline

Pricing includes a one-time setup fee of $299 (per EIN). No monthly fees, no per-employee pricing – pay only for the 1095-C forms you receive. No additional fees for minor re-processing and error correction.

0-99 FORMS

$ 18.75 / Form

  • Paper file self-service

100-249 FORMS

$ 16.88 / Form

  • Paper file self-service

250+ FORMS

$ 15.00 / Form

  • e-File Required

e-File Conversion Service available for $500 per EIN.

Just need some advice? Our Hourly Consulting Service can help you with more than just 1095-C form preparation.

Our experts can educate on the ACA reporting triggers, benefits design and penalty prevention,
code explanations, and any number of related topics.


“I like that I don't have to figure out which codes apply on lines 14 and 16. I provided all of the basic information for each employee and 1095EZ Online takes care of the rest.”


Kim Bennett,

Director of Human Resources at Mount Angel Abbey

“I appreciated the accessibility to agents that were always ready to help with questions or issues encountered during the preparation phase.”


Gail Stallings,

SVP HR at Physicians Pharmacy Alliance

“You produced excellent work. You guys were experts. I would recommend you for sure.”


Debbie Sweeting,

Human Resources Manager at Global Consulting International

“Our experience using 1095EZ Online was exceptional!”


Payroll Director

at franchise of National Basketball Association

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